About Us

ATR is an East London based jewellery brand specialising in handmade fine jewellery.

 Jewellery designer, Joey Deslandes, creates pieces that have been influenced by the way that nature, through each leaf, stone or ripple in water, consecrates the concept of random beauty. This makes his pieces organic, rugged, melty and most importantly, unique. 

ATR’s focus lies within creating quality pieces whilst maintaining a strong environmental stance. Using recycled metals and lab-created gemstones, at ATR we strive to ensure our creations are not made at the expense of our local environment or our planet.

Lastly, we are a queer-owned brand and, as this remains core to us, we want to use our ability to give back wherever we can. This is why, from every single order, a direct cut is taken from the profits and donated to our chosen charities.

Welcome to ATR, we can't wait for you to discover your new treasure.