Environmental Stance

We only have the one planet, and so in a bid to help protect it, After The Rain aims to actively minimise the effects of our business on the environment around us. It is imperative that we maintain this stance to the best of our ability.
To help us achieve this, we exclusively use Fine Silver locally sourced in Hatton Garden, London. Although this is not classed as "Eco Silver", we use discarded metal which has been recycled, refined and combined with certified 100% recycled alloys to create all pieces on site.
Our packaging contains minimal plastics and the rest is either recyclable or biodegradable. We are looking in future to partner with schemes to help us balance out our carbon footprint through our packaging and so we acknowledge that it's not perfect yet, but we're working on it!
Return and Recycle
Each knock and each scratch, that the soft metal allows, furthers the uniqueness of your jewellery and the heritage it carries. However if you do seek to return the ring to us we would be thrilled to recycle the material into a new design of your choice at a discounted rate. Contact us to find out more!